Prior 'swatting' call made to former home of man indicted in Wichita case

Published: Jun. 7, 2018 at 7:18 PM CDT
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New details surface about one of the men

Eighteen-year-old Casey Viner, of the Cincinnati, Ohio area is accused of orchestrating the false call to Wichita that ultimately led to the fatal officer-involved shooting of Andrew Finch.

Police say investigators recovered text messages Viner sent where he says "(he's) going to prison for his involvement," in the crime. Investigators say a "swatting" connection with Viner preceded the deadly false call in Wichita.

Twelve days before swatting suspect Tyler Barriss made the false call to Andrew Finch's home in south Wichita, police in Cincinnati responded to a call on a street on which they say Viner used to live. Responding officers discovered there was nothing wrong before anyone was injured, but people living in the neighborhood were confused by the strong presence.

In the Wichita case, Viner, Barriss, of Los Angeles and Shane Gaskill, of Wichita, face federal charges.

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