FF12 Court documents: Ness County Sheriff submitted falsified documents, purchased gun from convicted felon

NESS COUNTY, Kan. (KWCH) New details emerge surrounding the arrest of the Ness County Sheriff by the KBI.


According to the probable cause affidavit, Sheriff Bryan Whipple submitted several training reports to the Kansas Commission on Peace Officers' Standards Training (C-POST) that never took place.

The first report was for a "Tactical Rifle and Shotgun" course which Whipple said he taught on Jan. 26, 2013. He said during the course he taught "safety and shooting around barricades and low light shooting."

When the KBI interviewed Ness County Undersheriff Gavin Wilson, Wilson said he never attended a rifle or shotgun course while working in Ness County and the last course he attended was through the Lane County Sheriff's Office in 2009.

According to the affidavit, the KBI interviewed a Ness County deputy about another training course Whipple submitted to C-POST. That deputy said he never attended such course.

When the KBI interviewed the Whipple about the courses, "he could not recall anything about the training nor locate any documents later to validate the training whether that would be signatures from Deputy's attending or other documentation."

The affidavit states on July 5, 2016, Whipple submitted two more training report forms and two Firearm Qualification Reports to C-POST. Again, several deputies stated they never received training to qualify their service weapons. Again, the KBI spoke to Whipple who could not recall anything about the training.

The affidavit goes on to say Whipple purchased a gun from a convicted felon. Wilson to the KBI Whipple bought the gun from Christopher Gallop who had been convicted of a felony in Texas.

Wilson said he told Whipple and Whipple said Gallop could purchase the firearm back from him if he wanted to.

The KBI interviewed Gallop who confirmed he sold Whipple a Smith & Wesson M&P 45 Shield, two magazines, two boxes of ammunition and a Sticky brand holster.

On. Dec. 19, 2017, the KBI had Gallop buy back the gun from Whipple. Whipple agreed to sell the gun back to Gallop for $400. The KBI placed a recording device on Gallop, gave him $400 and directed him to meet Whipple for the sale.

The court document says Whipple accepted $350 for the gun and gave Gallop back $50 as an "early Christmas gift."

In an interview with the KBI on Dec. 20, 2017, Whipple admitted to selling the firearm to Gallop who he said he knew was a convicted felon. He also gave the KBI the $350 which was in his wallet.

Also on Dec. 19, the KBI interviewed Elizabeth Spangler who said a man named Cody Nelson, approached her at a convenience store and asked her to shred a ticket he received.

She said she couldn't do it because it's illegal and said Nelson told her Kristina "Kris" Brooke, the head dispatcher for the Ness County Sheriff's Office, had done it for him before.

Spangler made notes regarding how Brooke ran a friend's license, license plates, Brooke's own criminal history, and her own driver's license, which showed it was suspended, through the Kansas Criminal Justice Information System.

Spangler said she didn't see any legitimate reason for Brooke to do so. She said she told Undersheriff Wilson and the information was provided to Whipple.

The KBI said all justice agencies have the duty to report any criminal violations and at the time of the interview, nothing had been done about Brooke's violations which would be a class "A" nonperson misdemeanor.

Spangler went on to tell the KBI that she had an expired license plate on her vehicle and asked Whipple if she couldn't drive her significant other's vehicle could she drive her own with expired tags.

Spangler said Whipple told her that if she got stopped she would get a ticket. Spangler said she asked how Brooke gets to drive to work on a suspended license and he replied it is what is.

Whipple told the KBI he could not remember the conversation with Spangler but said Brooke was allowed to drive to work on six days with a suspended license.

Whipple was scheduled to appear in court earlier this month but that appearance was rescheduled for February.

He was arrested in December on multiple charges including perjury, making false information, official misconduct and criminal distribution of firearms to a felon.