Probable cause affidavit details road-rage shooting that left 4-year-old hurt

WICHITA, Kan. (KWCH) A probable cause affidavit gives us a deeper look into a road-rage shooting that left a four-year-old boy critically injured.

The Oct. 17 incident started at 13th and Broadway and ended near 12th and St. Francis.

According to the court document, suspect Ramonyka Smith admitted that she was driving a silver Mustang that was involved in the shooting.

The affidavit states Smith told officers to call her grandmother and tell her grandmother she was being arrested for a shooting. She also asked them to have her grandmother tell her brother "Timothy" and see what his response would be.

Detectives pulled surveillance video from a home in the area of the shooting and say it showed a Silver Mustang with air vents on the rear small windows stop in front of 1250 N. Topeka. Then, a man exited the passenger side of the vehicle, walked into the street, and after a blue Chevy Tahoe passed, he got back into the car.

An eyewitness confirmed these details stating he saw the man carrying "something" in his hand, and as the SUV passed, he saw the man step out into the middle of the street, point a gun at the SUV and fire two shots.

Police interviewed the aunt of the four-year-old victim. She said she was in the car with her brother, his wife and their six children when the road-rage argument broke out.

She said when her brother turned onto Topeka and drove around the stopped Mustang, she saw a man, wearing a white T-shirt, red shorts and black shoes get out of the back passenger side of the Mustang and pull a gun from his waistband.

She said she told her brother to go because "he's got a gun" and she told the kids in the car to put their heads down. She said she saw the man shoot at them as they drove way. Then, she heard a bullet hit the car and the kids start screaming "blood".

The woman said she turned and saw blood coming from her nephew's abdomen area. She said her brother pulled over to wait for an ambulance.

The woman described Smith as the woman who was driving the Mustang.

Once in custody, Smith gave police her own account of what happened. She said after an initial argument near 13th and Broadway, she tried to drive away by "zig-zagging" through traffic. She said the Tahoe followed her car and at one point a drink was thrown at her vehicle and some of the liquid got inside.

Smith told police she thought someone in the Tahoe had a gun but she couldn't describe it.

Smith said when she turned onto Topeka, she saw the Tahoe coming down 12th Street. She said, Tylin Atkinson, who was a passenger in the back seat, told her to pull over. Smith said she stopped the car and Atkinson got out, walked around the back of her car and as the Tahoe drove by, she heard two shots. Smith said she did not see Atkinson shoot a gun.

Another man who was in the vehicle at the time, Travon Coleman, told police he saw Atkinson get out of the vehicle with a black handgun in his waistband. He said, he said Smith continued driving down the street. Then, he heard another verbal altercation between Atkinson and the people in the vehicle. He said, he heard gunshots and Atkinson got back into the Mustang and they drove to Smith's grandmother's house.

Officers arrested Smith and Coleman on warrants near 13th and Grove shortly after the shooting call.

Police showed pictures of Tylin Atkinson to the driver of the Tahoe and his sister. Both said they were about 90-percent sure he was the shooter.

Officers arrested Atkinson at Smith's grandmother's home on warrants the same day.

On Oct. 18, detectives were granted a search warrant to search the Mustang. No firearm or ammunition was located in the vehicle.

Smith and Atkinson remain in the Sedgwick County jail for criminal discharge of a firearm into an occupied vehicle and aggravated assault. She's being held for very drug charges and traffic violations. Both are being held on a $250,000 bond.

Coleman was released from custody.