Program in Liberal offers teens hands-on experience with justice system

LIBERAL, Kan. A program in Liberal offers teenagers hands-on experience to the American justice system.

Adolescent Support Services partnered with Liberal High School to allow students to take court class and take part in court proceedings

The Teen Court gives high school students chances to participate as lawyers, judge and jury members. Any student who faces charges like traffic stops in Seward County can appear in court with the rest of their peers.

This can save them from paying court fees.

"Not only does it help stay out of their record, it helps them because our program is a free program," Teen Court Coordinator Mike Aguilar says. "They don't have to pay for their fines and fees. They get sanction community service hours."

Teenagers from ages 14 to 19 years old are able to participate in the program. They also have to be enrolled in a school.