Program offers Bishop Carroll students hands-on teaching experience

WICHITA, Kan. (KWCH) Students at Bishop Carroll High School who see themselves as future teachers are getting into classrooms even before they get to college.

The Tom Siler Teaching Academy gives high school seniors hands-on learning experience and the opportunity to teach students of their own.

Bekah Iseman, 18, says she's passionate about teaching and enjoys the program that also allows her to also move around.

"It's really great because every day I get a chance to go to a different school. Most of the time I'm here at Christ The King, and I really love the students here," Bekah says.

The program sends her to Christ the King three days a week, St. Elizabeth Anne Seton one day away to help in their science department and on the other days she observes science classes at Bishop Carroll "because I want to teach older kids."

Michelle Pascal graduated from Bishop Carroll and participated in the Tom Siler Academy. Now, she teaches fourth grade at Christ the King.

"It was awesome. Going into my freshman year in college I was ahead of the game when all of my other classmates that were studying education didn't have that experience," says Michelle.

Alan Schuckman is a former coach who teaches at Bishop Carroll. He runs the Tom Siler program and says students get to see the job from a different view.

"It allows students to get into a program and see what classrooms are like from a teaching perspective instead of a student perspective," he says.

Bekah says she's just grateful for the opportunity.

"I'm going to have so much more experience than other people that might be in my classes in college. I'm already going to know that this is what I want to do," she says.

Schuckman says 170 students have completed the program and like Pascal, about 70-percent have gone on to become teachers.