Protest over election results held in Old Town

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WICHITA, Kan. (KWCH) Love trumps hate. That was the chant and message that filled Old Town for a time Friday night as protesters gathered for a rally.

The group said they were upset with President-elect Donald Trump.

They say their goal was to spread love and peace, but also make their voices heard.

Many cheered as speakers touched on issues surrounding race relations, religious intolerance and hate toward the LGBT community. Those are all things they worry will be worse under a Trump presidency.

From the start, protesters said they would be peaceful.

"We're here with calm voice," said one protester.

After the rally began, another smaller group carrying a Trump flag also showed up at the rally. There were a few verbal insults thrown back and forth in the crowds, but nothing turned violent.

Wichita Police knew about the rally in advance and planned to keep an eye on it. They had a number of offices in Old Town watching the rally and protesters on both sides.