Protesters rally from cars, motorcycles, front doors in North Central Wichita Sunday

Published: May. 31, 2020 at 9:30 PM CDT
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A Wichita protest Sunday evening acted as a call for unity and a hope for change.

Hundreds of people in their cars and motorcycles drove the streets of North Central Wichita in a driving rally, as others across the country march through the streets.

Maria Camarillo saw it all from her front lawn.

"The community getting together and it’s sending a strong positive message and I hope it stays that way." She said.

The cruise was Antonio Orona's idea.

"Everyone drive in a circle, say what’s up to each other." Orona said. "Have some fun."

Hundreds participated, driving in a loops along Waco Avenue, 13, Grove, and 21 streets to show the Hispanic community stands with it's African American neighbors following the death of George Floyd.

"They’re our neighbors and we’re all minorities here." Orona said. "We’re all minorities here and we can do this thing as a family."

Protesters let their cars, engines, and horns do most of the talking. All to bring unity between two communities split by I-135.

"Both of our neighborhoods are split up by a highway and a couple railroad tracks. I mean you’ve got the Mexicans on this side and the black people on that side." Orona said.

He says in order for change to happen, they must stand together.

"No reason to have the police violence, all this everything going on." Orona said.

"If anything, for real, Mexican, black and white people we should all come together." George Castillo, who participated, said.

It was a sign of hope for many who watched by their front yards.

" have grown boys and I don’t even want to even think about it they get pulled over, just a simple traffic stop can go… it’s very scary. It needs to stop." Camarillo said.