'Puppet Lady' cheers on Chiefs in Super Bowl LIV

Published: Feb. 2, 2020 at 6:35 PM CST
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Game day for Chiefs superfan Janel Carbajo isn't compete without a number of things- her family, her favorite Chiefs players, and her puppets.

Carbajo cheers for the Chiefs every game with a Chiefs puppet on her right hand and the opposing team on her left, duking it out until the game ends.

Now, her loyalty to Chiefs Kingdom and her unique way of showing that support will take her to Canton, Ohio where she will join NFL Hall of Fans.

Carbajo was nominated by Chiefs Hall of Famer Will Shields and voted into the top three by more than 300,000 Chiefs fans. She'll take in Super Bowl LIV with each of her game day necessities.

For Carbajo , the fandom started years ago, before her current favorite Chief, Patrick Mahomes was even born.

But. there's more to Carbajo's story than just pulling strings and the tomahawk chop.

She says the idea of the puppets started as a way to keep her daughter entertained during the games and despite her new found fame- that's what matters most, the ones closet to her.