Questions, complications continue with federal stimulus payments

Published: Apr. 15, 2020 at 4:27 PM CDT
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Update Wednesday, May 13, 2020

If you're on social security and use direct deposit, you can expect your $1200 stimulus payment in your account sometime Wednesday. Mailed checks will begin Friday.

The deadline is looming if you want your stimulus check directly deposited.

In order to receive an electronic payment, you have to go to the IRS's online portal

and input all of your updated bank information by 11 a.m.

About 130 million individual payments have been processed, but there are more than 20 million left to be sent out.

You can find a schedule of when other payments will be issued below.


Update Thursday, April 23, 2020

As we get a better idea of when more Kansans will receive their federal stimulus payments, there are still several unanswered questions and issues that persist.

Eyewitness News investigative reporter Alex Flippin spent most of Thursday (April 23) on the phone and combing through the IRS website to clear up some of your questions.


Are Kansans even getting their payments?


Yes, many Kansans have received payment. If you haven't it does not mean you're not going to. If you've encountered frustration trying to track your payment online through the IRS, you're far from alone.


The IRS has had my direct deposit into one file for years, so why haven't I received my payment?


We're seeing this complaint a lot from people who either owed money to the IRS or used a service like H&R Block or TurboTax to file. That also seems to be connected to people receiving the message that the information they entered doesn't match the information the IRS has on file.

Until the IRS gets that figured out, refer to the recently-released payment schedule to get a better idea of when you should receive your payment.

Here is the planned weekly schedule (week-ending dates) for those who have not yet received their stimulus payment:

• Less than $10,000 (income in year) - April 24

• $10,001 - $20,000: May 1

• $20,001 - $30,000: May 8

• $30,001 - $40,000: May 15

• $40,001 - $50,000: May 22

• $50,001 - $60,000: May 29

• $60,001 - $70,000: June 5

• $70,001 - $80,000: June 12

• $80,001 - $90,000: June 19

• $90,001 - $100,000: June 26

• $100,001 - $110,000: July 3

• $110,001 - $120,000: July 10

• $120,001 - $130,000: July 17

• $130,001- $140,000: July 24

• $140,001 - $150,000: July 31

• $150,001 - $160,000: August 7

• $160,001 - $170,000: August 14

• $170,001 - $180,000: August 21

• $180,001 - $190,000: August 28

• $190,001 - $198,000: September 4

• Remaining checks: September 11

The IRS has created an online tool,

, on its website for Americans to track their direct payments and enter direct deposit information. For those receiving a check, it can be used to ensure that the mailing address is correct.


Thursday, April 16, 2020

As more Kansans receive stimulus money from the federal government in the form of

questions follow. Nationwide, stimulus payments began going out this week, but not without issues.


What does it mean if I get a message that says "status unavailable" when trying to track my stimulus payment online?


According to the IRS, this means:

• you are not eligible and you still need to file your taxes for 2018 or 2019 to qualify

• you very recently filed and your information is still processing, or

• you receive some benefit like supplemental security income (S.S.I.) or VA benefits and the IRS is working to get your information from that agency since you may not have made enough to have filed taxes in 2018 or 2019.


What can I do if I received the wrong amount in your stimulus payment or didn't receive additional money for dependents (children 16 or younger)?


The IRS doesn't appear to have an answer to this question yet, but anyone who has received payment should also receive a letter in the mail within two weeks containing more information about how to correct a mishandled payment. The same goes for anyone whose payment went to the wrong banking account.


What do I need to do if I receive supplemental security income (S.S.I.)?


You don't have to do anything to get it. However,if you have a dependent under the age of 17, you need to go to the

to get those additional funds. If you don't do that soon, you may have to wait until a later date to get that payment.


Will I still get the full amount of your stimulus payment if I'm behind on child support?


Not likely. The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau says stimulus funds are subject to garnishment if people are not up to date with child support payments. While tax debts and defaulted student loans won’t reduce the amount received, the money remains subject to state and local government garnishments and court-ordered garnishments.


Will the money sent out in economic impact payments need to be paid back? Or, will the money come out of next year's taxes?


No. You do not have to pay back your stimulus money and it is not taxable. It will not impact filing next year.


What do I need to do if I receive social-security payments?


If you don't claim dependents you shouldn't have to do anything to get your $1,200, as long as you don't make more than $75,000 per year. Income guidelines are the same for anyone.

Parents will also receive $500 for each qualifying child. The payment steadily declines for those who make more. Individuals who make more than $99,000, and couples who combine to make more than $198,000 do not qualify to receive a stimulus payment under the current recovery plan related to COVID-19. If you collect social security, that money will be paid the same way you receive your social security checks.


What do I do if I need to add a dependent or need to set up direct deposit?


You can make updates to your information and set up or change direct deposit on the

Social-security recipients can expect to receive their stimulus money in the next wave of payments this month.


Will I get my stimulus check if I still owe taxes?


Yes. You will still get a check. If you're on a payment plan, the IRS will deposit the money into the account used to make your payments.


What if I don't have direct deposit and don't set it up?


If you don't set up direct deposit, the IRS will mail you a check. You'll still get your stimulus money, but the agency says, this could take weeks or months.


My loved one died in 2018, but they just got a stimulus check. What should I do?


The IRS says it is aware of the issue and is working on a resolution, according to a report by CNBC.

Rep. Roger Marshall says anyone with questions or concerns can their congressman. Click here for contact information for: