QuikTrip to add full-time security officers

Published: Nov. 15, 2018 at 10:25 PM CST
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QuikTrip will soon add armed security in many of its stores. This began as a pilot program in Wichita about six months ago.

The rumor that QuikTrip will start arming clerks is not true. What is true is that the company is looking for people with law-enforcement experience or veterans to help add security to its stores.

QuikTrip has already tested having the in-store security and sees already sees positive results in Wichita.

For years, the company contracted with off-duty police officers to act as armed security at its stores. Now, QuikTrip is looking to hire its own full-time security.

The company says it's a new position and it won't be arming any clerks unless they have previous experience and necessary licenses.

Mike Yoder, a firearms instructor who's worked in law enforcement says many businesses are looking for full-time armed security.

"If I'm going to be a bad guy and go in to rob a place, I'm going to pick a place that is going to give me the least problems or threat to me as possible," Yoder says. "And if there's an armed guard there, I'm going to pick another place to go."

Yoder hopes the new security guards are never in a situation where they have to fire a gun. But he knows they're able to protect the public.

"The only time that you can use deadly force is to protect yourself or someone else against the eminent threat of death or great bodily harm," Yoder says. "So if someone comes in with a gun and you think your life is in danger, or someone else's life is in danger or they come in with a knife or anything like that, then you have the right to use deadly force to protect yourself or an innocent person."

QuiikTrip has yet to announce when new full-time security officers will be in all of its stores.