Rain a welcome sight for W. Kansas farmers

FORD COUNTY, Kan. Farmland in Western Kansas needed a drink and Monday morning's rain was a welcome sight for many preparing to plant.

"I was happy for one thing," Ford County farmer Marvin Hertel said of the rain he woke up to Monday morning. "We finally got some moisture and we'll be able to plant and be in good shape."

A couple years ago, the rain was more consistent.

"Last couple of years, we've gotten our rain all at one time, it seems like, and then it shuts off and that's it for months," Hertel says. "We were pretty good right here in this area up to about three weeks ago, then the milo started to suffer."

That changed for the better with Monday's rain, but farmers know how unpredictable Kansas weather can be and with that, comes a level of uncertainty with planting and harvesting.

"Well, we always hope it'll be good, but truth be known, we won't know until the time gets here," Hertel says.