Recovery slow for area lakes, parks slammed by flooding

SEDGWICK COUNTY, Kan. Ahead of the Father's Day weekend and Fourth of July coming up in a few weeks, Eyewitness News wanted to know if area parks impacted by last month's flooding were beginning to make up for lost revenue.

Reporter Alex Flippin learned things are getting better with a recent stretch of warm, drier days, but there hasn't yet been much of a recovery.

While Lake Afton didn't experience the flooding other area parks saw, it wasn't spared from the aftermath of torrential rain.

Park Superintendent Mark Sroufe says rain made for a rough May at Lake Afton.

"Memorial Day was a washout because of the weather," Sroufe says. "We're a little bit behind where we normally are for this time of year."

At Cheney Lake, the park is still flooded and right now, the lake is about five feet above conservation pool. That's down more than three feet from where it was at its max.

The park was hit hard just before Memorial Day weekend as the majority of the Cheney Lake campgrounds were closed because of flooding. But, Ranger Mitch Schwartz says things are looking up.

"Father's Day weekend, as of now, is sold out and so is the weekend after that," he says.

With hopes that waters will continue to recede, campers will continue to book and the park can start making up some of the lost revenue from May.

"Coming up on the Fourth of July, we're hoping to be to a point where most of the water is at regular level," Schwartz says. "However, we'll just have to see how much more rain we get."