KU students, administration support basketball team after NCAA charges

Published: Sep. 20, 2019 at 4:01 PM CDT
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Update Tuesday, Sept. 24, 2019

With the NCAA laying out serious allegations against the University of Kansas men's basketball program, students on campus express support for Head Coach Bill Self and the historic program.

Those students want to see Self continue coaching the team and hope the allegations won't affect the Jayhawks' season.

"There's nothing bigger here than KU basketball," KU freshman Tyler Fisher says.

Students like Cooper Anderson say they wonder why the NCAA is bringing up charges after action it took related to the federal corruptions case involving Adidas and several universities.

"Silvio DeSousa was cleared by the NCAA and Billy Preston never played a regular season game for KU. So I don't know why these allegations are coming from the NCAA," Anderson says.

The federal investigation named Kansas a victim of fraud, but the NCAA can use some of that evidence from the case to look into its own potential rules infractions.

"Basketball is huge here," Anderson says. "You've got one of the best venues to play in, you have the whole tradition of camping. You've got a whole culture around basketball in the whole state of Kansas, and to take that away from us would be, not cool."


Update Monday, Sept. 23, 2019

The University of Kansas received a notice of allegations from the NCAA on Monday that alleges significant violations within its storied men's basketball program.

The notice includes three Level 1 violations tied primarily to recruiting, lack of institutional control and a responsibility charge leveled against Hall of Fame coach Bill Self.

Kansas was also given notice of a secondary violation in football tied to then-coach David Beaty. That violation involved the use of an extra coach during practice.

The NCAA's Stacey Osburn declined to comment on "current, pending or ongoing investigations."


Friday, Sept. 20, 2019

Friday afternoon suggests the University of Kansas men's basketball program could face multiple major violation allegations from the NCAA.

The Star reports the NCAA is preparing to issue a notice of allegations that details major violations by the men's basketball program.This stems from the FBI's investigation into the pay to play recruiting scheme.

The investigation named several NCAA Division I men's basketball programs associated with Adidas. Former Adidas employee TJ Gassnola testified in federal court last year that he made payments on behalf of Adidas to the mother of former KU player Billy Preston and the guardian to player Silvio DeSousa.

Gassnola testified that KU men's head basketball coach Bill Self was not aware of the payments. A KU spokesperson Friday afternoon tells the Star the school hasn't received a notice of allegations.

If and when the school does receive this notice, it has 90 days to respond.