Report: Tyreek Hill will not face criminal charges in child abuse case

KANSAS CITY, Kan. (KWCH) Tyreek Hill will not face criminal charges in an investigation involving his 3-year-old son.


KCTV 5 reports the case against the Kansas City Chiefs wide receiver is now officially closed.

In April, the Johnson County Attorney held a press conference and stated that his office believed a crime had been committed but there was not enough evidence to determine who to charge. Both Hill and his fiance, Crystal Espinal, were under investigation.

He said, at that time, the case was closed, but days later it was re-opened after KCTV 5 released an 11-minute recording of a conversation between Hill and Espinal in which Hill stated that Espinal should be "terrified" of him.

Hill's attorney said his client should have never made the statement but went on to say that he never admitted to abusing his son on the recording.

Hill remains suspended from all team-related activities. There's been no word from the Chiefs or the NFL on whether the latest decision will change his status.