Ron Estes nominated as GOP candidate for 4th district seat

WICHITA, Kan. (KWCH) Update: The Kansas Republican Party has chosen state treasurer Ron Estes as its nominee to run for the fourth district congressional seat.

In the second round of voting, Estes beat out former congressman Todd Tiahrt and Donald Trump campaign adviser Alan Cobb for the nomination.

Estes needed 64 votes to gain the nomination, he received 66.

"You know, once every lifetime you have an event like this happens. As I said earlier, Mike Pompeo has left big shoes to fill as the representative for the fourth district, but I'm looking forward to doing that and filling our mandate as a republican to be conservative and help change Washington," said Estes.

Democrats and Libertarians will choose their nominees on Saturday, Feb. 11.

A special election to fill the seat will be held on April 11.
The Kansas Republican Party will pick its nominee to run for Mike Pompeo's seat in congress.

Pompeo is now the Director of the CIA.

Kansas is holding a special election in April to choose his replacement.

Both main parties will have conventions with all of their nominees. Delegates will then vote on who will be on the ballot.

"This election is going to be won by sitting around a kitchen table and talking with your delegate," said Republican Kelly Arnold. "Our candidates are actively calling and emailing and they are also driving into different counties to sit down with the delegate and explain why they are the best person to be in the 4th District."

For tonight's Republican Convention, delegates will keep voting until a candidate gets 51 percent of the vote.

Once the party picks their nominee, it's all about fundraising and getting their message to voters.

Democrats will choose their candidate on Saturday.

"To be honest with you," said Democrat Randy Rathbun, "I think people are getting to be a little concerned about everything that's rushing so quickly I think people are going to be looking for someone who's not a rubber stamp or whatever the President and Congress wants to do."

The special election is set for April 11th.