Rescue crews in Butler County save dog from rushing floodwater

BUTLER COUNTY, Kan. Emergency crews in Butler County worked together Friday to save a dog's life. Butler County Emergency Communications says Andover Fire-Rescue, the Augusta Department of Public Safety, Butler County Rescue Squad, Butler County Fire District 7 and Butler County EMS rescued a dog that was stuck on a small rock in fast-moving floodwater.

Butler County Emergency Communications

This happened Tuesday afternoon in a small lake or large pond in the Briarcliff Lakes Estates housing development near Benton. With the proper equipment and plenty of teamwork, the dog was brought to shore safely.

Butler County Emergency Communications says the dog reunited with its owner.

"This was a very challenging rescue that could have a very different outcome if attempted by untrained and unequipped people," Butler County Emergency Communications says.

Tuesday evening, Eyewitness News spoke with the dog's owners, Millie Bollinger and Michael Boyd, who say they are thankful to have him home.

"...I was just relieved that he was okay," Michael Boyd says. "He was so excited to get back in the car."

"...I bet he was excited to be out of that water because he definitely looked clueless up there on that rock when I saw him," Bollinger added.