Retired police officer calls Black Lives Matter protest a success

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Despite some tense moments , Tuesday night's black lives matter protest ended without any arrests and any violence.

"It appears to me that not only to do they have a lot of experience and training, but they're also getting a lot of experience and training," said Joe Schillaci, a retired Miami Police Captain and Eyewitness News Security and Protection Expert.

Schillaci says during his career in Miami ,Florida, he received a lot of training on protests and sensitivity.

"I was very accustomed to protests on a weekly basis," said Schillaci.

He says he monitored this protest as close as he could and called it a success.

"That is an extremely successful demonstration and it wasn't by mistake, a lot went into that," said Schillaci.

He credits Wichita Police Chief Gordon Ramsey planning ahead, as well as his officers, Kansas Highway Patrol Troopers and the protesters for keeping peace.

Schillaci says officers need to walk a fine line when it comes to enforcing what some might consider smaller laws, in exchange to allowing people to protest.

"People have the right to voice their opinions, they have a right to protest, it is a constitutional right. What they don't have the right to do is, they don't have the right to violate the law," said Schillaci.

The group of 400 or so protesters marched on 13th street, which, because of low traffic, police allowed. But when they tried to get onto the interstate, they were denied.

"You get protesters up there on that highway, I mean, you're going to have tragedy. That's the bottom line," said Schillaci.

Schillaci says, despite the fine line officers need to walk, they and the protesters navigated it successfully.

"All eyes are on these demonstrations and what comes out of these demonstrations," said Schillaci.