Rival colleges "unite against hate" in McPherson

Published: Oct. 12, 2016 at 11:29 PM CDT
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Rival schools battled it out on the volleyball court Wednesday night, but stood together against a much bigger rival.

Students from McPherson College and Bethany College wore t-shirts that said it all: "United Against Hate."

The shirts and show of solidarity at Wednesday's game in McPherson is in response to recent racist messages members of a hate group scrawled across the Bethany College campus.

Students from McPherson College and Bethany College say they couldn't sit by and do nothing.

"It just made me sad," says McPherson College student Grant Tuttle, one of the organizers of Wednesday night's united effort.

Wednesday night, organizers say they ran out of most sizes of the "United Against Hate" t-shirts by the time the volleyball game started.

Students didn't just participate in the "United Against Hate" program, they helped pay for it, buying the t-shirts with club and activity money that would have been used to do things on camps.

It's something Bethany College students can appreciate.

"I've never seen two colleges come together and make a stand," says Bethany College cheerleader Alizah Nelson.