Robot helping patients of knee and hip replacements recover faster

Published: Mar. 2, 2017 at 12:27 PM CST
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New technology in Wichita is helping patients who have knee or hip replacement surgery recover faster than ever before.

Thursday morning, Dr. Damion Walker stood in front of some 20 high school students who aspiring to be next generation of medical professionals. He explained and demonstrated his newest tool.

It's a robot designed to assist him in knee and hip surgeries.

"It allows us to put components or parts in people's knees and hips with a level of precision and accuracy that we've never had before," said Dr. Walker.

GPS technology acts as a safe guard, allowing the students, who are touching the robot for the first time, to make only minimal mistakes.

Dr. Walker started performing hip and knee replacements in January and says he's already seeing a difference in his patients.

"I have seen faster recovery times with those patients, meaning their post-operative pain and their first physical therapy visits are more functional, they have less pain and they have higher range of motion and function than some of our traditional total hips have had," said Dr. Walker.

Walker calls this robot a game changer.

He says there are only 350 of these robots in the country. The only one in Kansas is located at the Kansas Spine and Specialty Hospital in Wichita.

Dr. Walker currently uses the robot for total hip replacement and partial knee replacement surgeries.

He says he plans to use it for total knee replacements in the next few months.

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