Grant benefits Russell HS students in national science program

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RUSSELL, Kan. A national honor for Russell High School comes with participation in a science program designed to help universities in antibiotic research. Russell is one of just two high schools in the U.S. involved.

For its part in the program, the school gets $10,000 in grant money to buy new equipment. In a biology classroom at Russell High School this week, students are finding innovative way to change the world through the program called Small Wonder Initiative. This program is through Yale University, one of the nation's most esteemed colleges.

"Their results (from experiments) go onto colleges and universities to be further researched," says Russell High School biology teacher Eric Beckman. "...Nobody thought little Russel, Kansas could get into this type of thing, but yeah, we're starting it."

Russell High School junior Anastasia States says being involved with the national program has changed how she thinks about science.

"Instead of just picking up a text book we're actually learning hands on and I think it can really help us understand better," she says.