Safety sales pitch turns deceptive, Wichita mom warns

WICHITA, Kan. (KWCH) Listen up parents. Some of you might be hearing about free child safety kits.They kit often include important information about your child that you would give to police in case they were to ever go missing.

It includes things like their picture, name, address, and even finger prints.

While many law enforcement agencies encourage these kits, we are hearing from a Wichita woman who says a man who offered a free kit to her, used it as a sales tactic to get into her home and sell her life insurance.

The BBB wants to make sure you know where your information is going, what agency the person is with, and what they are really offering.

Brittney Davis, a mom of four kids, says a friend referred her to a man offering free child safety kits. She says the man called her and explained the kit, set up a time to come to her home, drop it off and show her how it works.

She said he had her download an app, add some information about her kids, and add her friends contact information if they have kids to get a kit as well.

She says he then started trying to sell her life insurance, something she wasn't interested in.

We found out the company he was with is called American Income Life and it offers life insurance.

Davis declined the insurance, but still got her free kit. However, she wants other parents to know, you might not be getting exactly what you think you signed up for.

"They try to bait you, kind of, with something that's free and then they pull you in with the other thing, " said Davis.

She says even with getting a referral from friends or family, do your research and don't give out personal information before you do.

The BBB says make sure you research the company before hand, especially before you give them any information or let them into your home.

Also, if they are trying to sell you a financial service, like life insurance, make sure they have proper licensing.

The BBB says if someone is using high pressure tactics that you just don't feel comfortable with, it's best just to end the conversation or ask them to leave your home and if they don't, call 911.