Sales for W. Wichita Texas Roadhouse among tops in country

If you've ever been to the Texas Roadhouse on West Kellogg, you're familiar with the often long wait to be seated.

The restaurant's manager says that wait can take up to two hours on weekends.

That's because the west Wichita restaurant is one of the highest grossing Texas Roadhouse chains in the country. Nationwide, there are about 600 Texas Roadhouse chains.

Among Texas Roadhouse locations that only serve dinner throughout the week, the west Wichita location ranks No. 1 in sales.

Managing partner Kyle Hauber says it's all thanks to his staff and keeping things consistent.

Our number one complaint over the past 14 years is how long people have to wait to get it. I'll take that complaint, that's a good one to have," he says.

The east side Texas Roadhouse off of North Greenwich opened Monday. Hauber is not managing that location, but he says he hopes the two chains can compete for the top spot.