Salina animal hospital first in Kansas for "Fear Free" clinic certification

Published: Jun. 28, 2019 at 5:27 AM CDT
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Town & Country Animal Hospital

is the first veterinarian clinic in Kansas, Oklahoma and Nebraska to be fully certified "Fear Free", a national program that alleviates fear, anxiety and stress in animals.

Dr. Karen Hale Young says the goal is to teach the animal that there is no fear, and get them to have calm visits to the veterinarian without medication.

She says it works at the root of the psychological fear. Dogs can smell fear in other dogs. If one dog is afraid at the animal hospital, it will likely cause fear in other dogs that come in after.

Town & Country uses pheromones to make the animal feel secure.

"If a dog comes in to the clinic and they're nervous, we take a bandana and we spray it with pheromones and we put it on the dog. It is remarkable how that dog just starts relaxing," Dr. Young says.

Town & Country says anyone can call the animal hospital and ask questions about the program.

Fear Free also has a

with resources available for pet owners.