Salina women receive $1,200 Helping Hand for making prayer shawls

Published: Jul. 15, 2019 at 9:16 AM CDT
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In Salina, there's a group of women who spend their time making prayer shawls for people to help them get through difficult life situations.

For the past three years Carol Viar and the other women, spend one Sunday a month knitting and crocheting shawls for people in need.

The Sunrise Prayer Shawl Ministry has grown a lot since then, as they recruited more women and expanded beyond just shawls.They now also make scarves and blankets.

"We use those to comfort people who are in what we call critical life events. Maybe they're dying or sitting with someone who's dying or have a serious illness," said Viar.

One of the women in the ministry is also a nurse. She approached Salina Regional Medical Center about giving the prayer shawls to patients going through life altering situations.

"When you go to the hospital and you see them laying over the top of someone's lap, it's pretty fun," said Viar.

Chaplain Jennine Groene at Salina Regional Medical Center says what these women do makes a difference to everyone who receives a handmade gift.

"I think that this ministry does work words cannot fully capture," said Groene.

Knowing the impact their work has, is why the women donate not just their time, but their money and yarn as well.

"When yarn is on sale, we go buy some yarn, then we put it in the cupboard, then whoever is ready, we get some out," said Viar.

They've had some financial help, but that money has all been used.

Eyewitness News and DeVaughn James Injury Lawyers then surprised Viar with a $1,200 Helping Hand.

"Oh my goodness. $1,200?" Viar said with amazement in her eyes. "Oh my goodness. Isn't that wonderful? Thank you so much."

Viar was able to meet with Richard James - to express her appreciation.

"We're honored to present a Helping Hand to the Sunrise Presbyterian church in Salina. We love what you're doing with the Prayer Shawl Ministry," said James. Thank you so much. That will help us for a long time," said Viar.

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