National holiday aims to cut down on billions in unused gift cards

WICHITA, Kan. (KWCH) If you have gift cards from the holidays you haven't yet spent, retailers hope you spend them soon.

Saturday (Jan. 18) is "National Use Your Gift Card Day." It's a day to nudge shoppers to spend their gift cards before those cards become part of the billions of dollars in gift cards that go unused every year.

As much as 3 percent of gift card dollars are never redeemed, an estimate from the Mercator Advisory Group says. In 2019, CBS News reports, "consumers spent about $98.6 billion loading up gift cards, which means almost $3 billion was left on the table, according to C. Sue Brown, director of the group's prepaid advisory service."

Some stores and restaurants are even offering special deals. Kohl's and AMC Theaters are among the deal-offering businesses.

You can learn more about "Use Your Gift Card Day" and deals offered Saturday on the event's website.