Scams demanding money, threatening murder are difficult to solve, Dodge City police say

Published: May. 22, 2018 at 3:31 PM CDT
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A Dodge City man remembered seeing a warning on Facebook and did not fall for a scam from outside the U.S. demanding money.

A demand for money and threat of murder comes with a scam

Dodge City police say there have only been five reports made from people who've been reached by these scammers. Still, it's a warning worth repeating as police say the scam is difficult to solve with the criminals being outside the U.S.

The scammers may use an app called "WhatsApp" to send text, videos, photos, make phone calls or even FaceTime.

This scam so far has specifically targeted Hispanics (natural Spanish speakers),police say, but it's a crime of which everyone should be aware.

"We have reports of some folks receiving messages or phone calls demanding money and stating that if they do not follow through, they will end up getting murdered," the DCPD said last month on its Facebook page.

Dodge City police say the callers then may send videos of men and women being killed.

"These videos appear to be ones that can be found on the internet from possible drug cartel violence," police say.

Dodge City resident Manuel Ultreras was able to catch enough warning signs to avoid falling for a recent scam attempt. He has a lot of family in Mexico, which is the source of the call he says he received..

Two days ago, he says he knew something wasn't right as soon as he received that call from Mexico.

He says what turned out to be a scammer posing as his cousin contacted him by phone. Initially confused and concerned, Ultreras says he kept listening as the caller spoke.

"He began saying he was in Wichita and got in a car accident in Kingman, Kansas," Ultreras says.

Ultreras says he didn't recognize the caller's voice and repeatedly asked for his name. The caller refused to respond.

"They didn't have the chance to ask me for money because I realized the phone number was from Mexico," Ultreras says.

Some people targeted for the scam involving the threat of violence were not aware of the associated video's source and ended up sending money, police say.

Police recommend anyone who may receive a call like this to ask questions, validate the information being shared and most importantly, never send money over the phone or to anyone you do not know.