Scam targets power-company customers in W. Kansas

The Pioneer Electric Coop and Southern and the Southern Pioneer Electric Company warn its customers in Western Kansas of a scam targeting them.

The companies say scammers have been calling businesses and residents, telling them they have a past-due notice on their accounts. The scam warns that if they don't pay, the customers will be disconnected, Pioneer Electric says.

The companies the caller ID on the scam calls says it's from them.

Pioneer Electric says scammers push people to get a Green Dot Card and once money is loaded onto the card, "they give the serial number to the scammer who wipes it clean."

The company says this scam already cost one business about $2,000.

Pioneer Electric advises its customers that if they have any questions regarding the standing of their account, they should call the company's office at 620-356-1211 or 1-800-794-9302.