Scammer claims to be with Butler County Sheriff's Office

ANDOVER, Kan. (KWCH) The Butler County Sheriff's Office warns of a man calling around, posing as a Sergeant "Michael Young" with it's department.

The sheriff's office says, "Micheal Young" called a business in Andover posing as a sergeant.

The individual at the business they called was not available and the caller left a phone number to call him back.

The business then called the Sheriff's office to verify if a deputy had called.

Authorities informed them they do not have a Michael Young employed at their department.

If you receive a phone call from an individual who claims to be a Deputy with the Butler County Sheriff's Office you can verify by calling their office at 316-322-4254.

You can also call the Emergency Communications Center at 316-320-1294.

The person who answers the phone will be able to verify if the person who called you was actually a Deputy or if someone is attempting to perform a scam.