Scammer poses as Comcast employee

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A Hutchinson woman says she was nearly scammed by a man posing as an employee for a cable company.

Now, she's warning others.

Crystal Washington was sitting in her Hutchinson home Thursday afternoon when someone came to the door.

"Clearly looked like he worked for somebody. I just said, 'can I help you?' and he asked if he had been here before. I was like, 'red flag,' pretty quickly,'" Washington says.

Washington was immediately suspicious. The man at her door showed up wearing a full Comcast uniform, but there was no vehicle in sight.

"Because I know there's no door-to-door sales. I've worked in sales my whole entire life, and I know that anything that's door to door these days is a scam."

Feeling that something was wrong, Washington did exactly what she was supposed to.

She asked the man at her door for his company ID. She further suspected a scam when he said he'd left his ID in his car.

She then asked the man for his peddler's license. At this point, she says the man told her to "have a great day" and left.

It turned out Washington's hunch was correct. the man was not a Comcast employee.

One big indicator?

"We do not serve the Wichita area with cable or any other broadband telecommunications services," a Comcast rep says.

The rep confirms Washington's suspicions. And although he did say Comcast does conduct door-to-door sales in areas where they operate, he says reps should always have ID.

A little after Eyewitness News reporter Trevor Macy spoke with Washington, she showed him a Facebook post with someone else saying they saw the same man in an AT&T uniform the previous night. She reported it to Hutchinson police, but at last check, police had not found the man in question.