Scammer pretends to be with Ellis County Sheriff's Office

Published: Sep. 5, 2019 at 5:15 PM CDT
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It's a scam we've seen several times before, this time targeting people in Ellis County.

The Ellis County Sheriff's Office says it's recently fielded reports of a caller impersonating the department, asking the recipient to return a phone call to the number 844-242-0008.

"Upon calling the number back, the scammer tells the victim they've either failed to appear in Ellis County District Court or are the defendant in a lawsuit in another state in which they've failed to appear," the sheriff's office warns.

They say the scammer tries to persuade the person they're calling into paying a court fine or paying off a lawsuit with American Express prepaid gift cards. The scammer then tries to coax their target to relay the prepaid gift card account number over the phone.

"We do not request bond payment through American Express prepaid gift cards," the Ellis County Sheriff's Office says.

The main number for the Ellis County Sheriff's Office is 785-625-1040.

"If you receive a call from our office regarding a similar request, simply hang up on the scamster and report the incident to the Ellis County Sheriff's Office, the department says.