Fraud involving job offers among riskiest scams

Scams targeting job seekers aren't new, but they're gaining popularity.

The Better Busienss Bureau says fraud involving job offers now ranks as the third riskiest scam.

The BBB says Americans have reported losing more than $2.9 million so far in 2018. This comes out to an average loss of more than $6,000 for each victim.

"For all scams, they want your money or they want your identity," says BBB spokesperson Katherine Hutt. "And we've seen both with employment scams."

In some cases, scammers use a real company and the photo of an actual employee to catch targets off guard. The BBB says to call the company to verify any information you might receive concerning job postings or potential offers.

Last year, the BBB i issued a warning about a work-from-home employment scam that it says claimed victims across North America.

You can find tips from the BBB to identify and avoid scams here .

If you or someone you know has applied for a position under fraudulent circumstances, you are urged to report it to BBB SCAMTRACKER , even if you haven't lost money.