Scammers claim to represent Amazon on calls to confirm orders

Published: Feb. 5, 2020 at 10:48 PM CST
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Each day, Amazon receives millions of orders. They receive so many, in fact, that when you click the "place order" button, the most you're going to get from the company is an email confirming your order.

You won't get a call like one circulating with an Amazon-related scam. The call gives you an amount charged ($77.97 in recent cases) and says "if you have made this purchase on and recognize it, then simply hang up and your order will be delivered to you."

However, the message goes on to give a phone number to call if you didn't place the order. A Google search of that number reveals posts from people all over the U.S. complaining about receiving the same call. The amount charged given on the call is even the same.

From this, we know the callback claiming to be from Amazon is a scam. But Factfinder 12 emailed Amazon to double check. The company says the phone number provided on the suspicious call is not associated with Amazon.

Amazon does not call to confirm when your order something. But the recent scam calls serve as a good reminder that now matter how you're notified about anything, you can always go to the internet to look up a phone number and email address to help you verify if the source of that contact is legitimate.