Scammers use text message to steal personal information from Venmo users

Published: Sep. 17, 2019 at 3:31 PM CDT
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Scammers look to take advantage of people using a popular app to transfer money.

The scam involves Venmo users and a text message. The warning come from a Massachusetts Police Department.

the scam starts with a text message sent to your phone telling you about a change to your Venmo account. It says if you want to cancel the change you'll need to log onto your account and decline it.

The message allows you to log on with any phone number and password, even allowing you to enter the account if you put in the wrong password or phone number. It then asks you to verify who you are by entering your bankcard number and other personal financial information.

Adding to the deception, the scam uses the same colors and fonts as the actual Venmo app.

If you get a text about your Venmo account and a change to it, do not go to the link. The only way you should log onto your account is via the Venmo app downloaded on your phone or on Venmo's website. That is where you can take a look at the financial information on your personal account.

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