School bus drivers prepare for school year

WICHITA, Kan - Students in USD 259 return to school Wednesday. Tuesday, bus drivers with First Student are practicing their routes one more time before the buses take 17,000 kids to school Wednesday.

You may have seen buses on the roads this week. First Student says drivers run through routes before school starts to make sure there are no issues.

Drivers go through 50 hours of training in the classroom and on the road.

As buses are back on the road, First Student wants to remind drivers to safely share the road. Give buses a little extra room, especially in construction zones. When you see flashing yellow lights, it means the bus is preparing to slow down and stop. That doesn't mean other drivers should speed up to pass the bus; it means other drivers should also prepare to stop. When the stop sign is out, drivers on both sides of the road should stop completely. Driving around a stopped bus could result in a ticket.

First Student rolled out an app at the end of last year. It tracks to school bus and sends you a notification when your kid's bus is five minutes away. First Student says about 100 parents are currently using the app. You must sign up for the app at your child's school.

First Student says it is always looking to hire bus drivers. You can apply here.