School safety measures addressed with Holcomb bond issue

HOLCOMB, Kan. Statewide, votes on school district bond issues were largely split. One community that will benefit from voters' approval for a bond issue is Holcomb, about 13 miles west of Garden City.

Tuesday, Holcomb voters approved one of two school bond issues that will introduce new security measures for schools in their district. The district says new measures are especially meant for its elementary school.

"With the passing of our new bond issue, we're going to go to a triple-layered security entrance," Holcomb School District Superintendent Jean Rush says.

Rush says Holcomb's elementary school building is one of the oldest buildings in the district, dating back to 1955.

Tuesday, she says more than 60 percent of residents voted in favor of one of two bonds for the district. The $4-million bond will bring new features including the secure entrances, cameras and storm shelters, Rush says.

"The environment today is so much different, even in the rural areas. And we wanted it to be a welcoming community, so we want visitors and parents to be able to come in."

Elsewhere in the state, voters in the Rose Hill school district approved a $10-million bond issue that includes additions and security enhancements to the district's schools.