Schools prepare for potential of shutdown

Published: May. 9, 2016 at 5:41 AM CDT
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Your child's school district could be preparing to shut down depending on the outcome of a Supreme Court school finance hearing in Topeka on Tuesday.

District's in both Wichita and Hutchinson are meeting tonight to plan for the possibility. It all comes down to whether or not the Supreme Court says current funding is constitutional.

Lawmakers say it is, but some educators disagree. Wichita Public Schools will meet tonight to present their plan for what will happen if they have to shut down for the summer. Hutchinson Schools has already released their plan. A school shut down would mean district offices would likely be empty, with no one at work to pay teachers and staff. There would be no maintenance at the buildings and systems preparing enrollment for next year would stop.

Summer school and any training classes would also be cut, and students relying on a federal lunch may not get it.

The potential shutdown is because many educators say the current funding system isn't good enough and it's unconstitutional.

The Kansas Supreme Court will hear this case Tuesday.

"I would really encourage them to be talking to their legislators about this is how they've heard that this would impact their schools and their communities," Shelly Kiblinger, Superintendent of Hutchinson Public Schools said. "And be asking the legislators to be paying attention to this very important issue and to respond appropriately."

Once the court hears this case, it could take a few weeks for their decision. If schools shutdown for more than a day or two, your child's first day of school will likely be pushed back.