Security video catches two trucks being stolen from His Helping Hands

A group just looking to help others, now needs help from police.

Security video from His Helping Hands, a charity that helps families in need, shows two trucks being taken from their lot.

They planned on giving the trucks away to people who need them.

The first car is an older black and blue Ford truck with a white fender. It drives right through the gate, damaging it.

A black Dodge Durango follows. There's also a third car waiting outside the fence.

The executive director, Paul Dohm, says the burglars broke a window, got in, and stole the keys before going back out the same window to get to the cars.

His Helping Hands says the burglars likely climbed back through the window and walked around to get to the cars.

They filed a police report and are still cleaning up some of the damage.

Dohm wants the thieves to know, if you really needed a car, you should have asked for help, instead of stealing.

"It's discouraging, but you know, if they need help, they need to come back to talk to us, not like this...we are going to continue helping people in our community, and we are here to help others," said Dohm.