Pumps to relieve flooding in S. Sedgwick County homes will not be turned on, for now

DERBY, Kan. (KWCH) Update:

A vote to turn on the wells to relieve flooding for south Sedgwick County homeowners has now been voted down.

We're learning Sedgwick County Commissioner Michael O'Donnell requested that the City of Derby turn on a pump in order to relieve water table flooding for several homes. It was a substitute for a motion made at a previous meeting in which two pumps were requested to be turned on.

The Interim County Counselor made a recommendation that the motion be amended. He added that the motion should include a contract be drafted by the County Counselor's Office. That motion was voted down 3-2, ultimately creating no resolution to the problem.

Initially, the county asked the City of Derby to turn on two wells, but the city said it would need a commitment of $70,000 from the county to fix one pump and replace the other.

The county has been planning meetings with engineers, commissioners and neighbors in Hancock acres to talk long term solutions.

A public meeting will be held on August 8.


The Sedgwick County Commission voted Wednesday morning to turn on a pump in Derby to help relieve flooding to several homes.

Commissioner Michael O'Donnell made a motion to request the City of Derby turn on one operable pump for a minimum of 60 days with costs not to exceed $10,000. Commissioners approved the motion 4-1.

It was a substitute motion to one that was made at the special meeting to turn on two pumps.

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Derby homeowners have complained to city and county leaders about the flooding problems which they say they've faced since Memorial Day Weekend.

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The Sedgwick County director of environmental study said turning on the wells in Derby would have little impact on the area as a whole and any additional rain would negate the influence of wells.

But some residents said the problem was so bad they were considering bankruptcy.

Derby City Council members said they needed a financial commitment from the County before moving forward.

With approval from the county, Eyewitness News is reaching out to the City of Derby to find out what the next step in the process will be.

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