Sedgwick County Zoo welcomes baby orangutan

Sedgwick County Zoo

WICHITA, Kan. The Sedgwick County Zoo welcomed a baby orangutan Thursday afternoon.

Tao, Sumatran orangutan, gave birth to a healthy baby girl. The baby is Tao's first and dad Panji's second.

“Tao’s maternal behaviors are strong and she immediately started cleaning the baby after birth. The baby is healthy and clinging well to mom,” said senior keeper Danielle Decker. “All of the behaviors we’re seeing tell us that things are going exactly as they should.”

Keepers will continue to monitor Tao and her new baby's bonding and development, especially to make sure the infant is nursing regularly in the first few days.

It’s a bit too soon to determine when Zoo guests will be able to see Tao and baby. Keepers will let Tao determine when she’s ready to leave the nest.