Sedgwick County Zoo names lion cubs

Sedgwick County Zoo/Facebook

WICHITA, Kan. (KWCH) January 2018 update: The Sedgwick County Zoo has named its new new lion cubs. The zoo announced the new names on their official Facebook page.

The cubs, which were born in October, are named Amira and Eloise.

The zoo says the two are expected to be on display for the public beginning in the Spring.


The Sedgwick County Zoo says two lion cubs born last month are both female.

The gender of the cubs was determined at their second veterinary on Wednesday.

The zoo says both cubs are healthy and weigh in at 14 pounds.

Names will be announced soon!

"Our pride is growing!" The Sedgwick County Zoo announced on its Facebook page Thursday afternoon.

The zoo welcomed two African lion cubs on Saturday, Oct. 21, to first-time parents Patty and Michael.

The zoo said vet staff performed an initial medical exam this week and determined that both cubs are healthy and thriving. Their genders are still unknown.

The babies will remain in their den with their mother until next spring "when the cubs are better able to navigate the outdoor habitat and temperatures are suitable for them to be outside," the zoo said.

Cameras inside the den will be streamed to Munabi’s Hut in the Pride of the Plains exhibit so visitors can check in on the cubs while visiting the other lions.