Junction where 4 highways meet a 'dire situation,' Sedgwick County officials say

WICHITA, Kan. A crisscross section of highway where Interstate 135, Interstate 235, K-254 and K-96 meet is described by Sedgwick County officials as a "dire situation," dangerous, outdated and gridlocked.

Nuren Mak, who drives through the cross section of the four highways several times each day for work agrees with the description.

"It is very dangerous because once you get to that area, you have to slam on the brakes, they're not paying attention and if they don't know the neighborhood, might get in an accident,' Mak says.

The Kansas Highway Patrol says there is an average of four crashes per week at the tricky section of highway. County leaders say after meeting with the Kansas Department of Transportation, they think the project to improve the traffic flow could begin next year.

With a new video illustrating the situation, the county says it hopes to reach Congressmen Senators and state legislators about the situation and why it's important.

"That would be excellent if they can help us to fix it," Mak says.