Sen. Moran discusses possible legislative action in response to deadly 'swatting' incident in Wichita

Published: Jan. 3, 2018 at 3:38 PM CST
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Since last week's swatting call led to a man's death in southwest Wichita last week, one of the questions Eyewitness News has been asking is if the incident will lead to action from lawmakers.

Wednesday, we addressed the issue with Senator Jerry Moran, in Wichita to tour the South Central Workforce Alliance.

He says he had never heard the term "swatting" until he found out about what happened in Wichita.

Moran says he is taking a look at a legislative proposal in the U.S. House in regards to swatting. The proposal changes the criminal code and would make you criminally responsible for engaging in a game that involves swatting.

He says the goal of any law would be to create a penalty for people who play a game that results in someone else's injury or death.

Moran says the law proposed in the House comes from a Massachusetts lawmaker who was a victim of swatting. Tuesday, Rep. Katherine Clark called on Congress to pass "The Online Safety Modernization Act."

Specifically, it would create federal penalties for swatting.

Moran says while laws are important, it's also crucial for people to have behavior that recognizes they have a responsibility to others.

He says lawmakers need to make certain that laws are "appropriate and right" to discourage behavior like swatting.

"...And there ought to be consequences for people that use the internet to the detriment, in this case, the death of somebody else," Moran says.

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