Senate moves to limit Trump on military force against Iran

Published: Feb. 13, 2020 at 3:37 PM CST
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The Senate has approved a bipartisan measure aimed at limiting President Donald Trump's authority to launch military operations against Iran.

Eight Republicans, including Jerry Moran from Kansas, joined Democrats in a post-impeachment bid to constrain the White House.

The rebuke was the Senate's first major vote since acquitting Trump on impeachment charges last week.

Trump is expected to veto the war powers resolution if it reaches his desk. He's warned that if his “hands were tied, Iran would have a field day."

The three senators seeking the Democratic nomination for president all returned to the Capitol from campaigning and backed the war powers resolution.

Moran released the following statement on S.J. Res. 68, the Iran War Powers Resolution:

“Qassem Soleimani was a perpetrator of death and responsible for thousands killed in the Middle East, including American soldiers. The Constitution, through Article II, grants the President of the United States the authority to protect Americans from harm, and President Trump was justified in his decision to remove Soleimani from the battlefield. “The Constitution, in Article I, provides Congress the power to declare war – a responsibility I take seriously. The prospect of military action against Iran has consequences that ought to be considered by the full Congress on behalf of the people it represents. In supporting the War Powers Resolution, I respect the president’s obligation to defend against imminent threats while making sure any additional action is properly debated and approved by Congress as required by the Constitution."

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