Senators Jerry Moran and Pat Robert release statement on tax reform plan

WASHINGTON, DC. (KWCH) The Senate passed a nearly $1.5 trillion Republican tax bill that lays the bulk of its tax cuts on businesses and higher-earning individuals while giving more modest breaks to others.

Senators Jerry Moran and Pat Roberts released statements following the vote to pass the historic piece of legislation.

Moran says in a press release that over the past few weeks he has spoken with hundreds of Kansans at town halls and meetings across the state regarding tax reform and ways to build the tax code that works for them.

"The vote signals a significant step forward in achieving tax relief for families in Kansas and across America. I look forward to continuing the tax debate in an open and transparent fashion, and while I am still discussing ways to improve this bill before final passage with my colleagues, I expect to support a tax package that grows the economy, protects taxpayers, create good-paying jobs and helps Americans keep more of their hard-earned money," says Moran.

Senator Roberts says he cast his vote in support of the tax reform to provide middle-income Americans with tax relief and to modernize the tax code.

“Everyone understands tax reform is critical. All of us in the Senate – on both sides of the aisle – are familiar with the burdens, the complexity, and lack of competitiveness associated with our current tax system. It is abundantly clear that this complexity and our antiquated corporate tax system act as a brake on our economy," says Roberts.

He says the Senate has proven that members can act decisively to grow the economy, help those living paycheck to paycheck, and create better opportunities for job creation.

As a member of the tax-writing Finance Committee, he was the leading voice on agriculture issues when writing the tax reform bill. He says the legislation’s provisions will provide certainty to farmers and ranchers.

“I am very pleased the Senate bill keeps the Ag tax provisions, but will also help our farmers by creating a much more pro-growth tax system, lowering their tax burden and simplifying the tax provisions relating to the agricultural sector,” says Roberts.