LIVE BLOG: KS storms bring hail, torrential rain, powerful wind

Strong to severe Kansas storms impacted much of Kansas Tuesday. Storms out west did produce at at least a couple brief tornadoes, but for many, especially in south central Kansas, the primary threat turned once again to heavy rainfall and flooding. Much of the damage reported Tuesday came from hail, flooding and wind gusts that in some spots exceeded 60 mph.

Merle in Andover


Tuesday night wrap.

Storms that impacted much of south central Kansas with large hail, damaging winds and torrential rain Tuesday afternoon into the evening have cleared, but the night's storm chances aren't over with a second round possible heading into the overnight hours.

To the west, severe thunderstorm warnings are in effect for several counties. These storms are expected to weaken as the night moves along, but the radar for Kansas is not clear with Western Kansas storms moving east.

Another storm could hit Wichita by about 1:30 or 2 a.m. Wednesday, but by the time it reaches the metro area, Storm Team 12 does not expect that storm to be severe. By Wednesday morning's commute, Storm Team 12 Chief Meteorologist Ross Janssen says conditions should be cloudy, but calm.

Looking at area rainfall totals from Tuesday morning into the evening, the high mark was near 13th and Greenwich in Wichita with about 2.84 inches measured. Jabara Airport also saw a little more than two inches, followed by Douglass and Dodge City with about 1.7 inches. Great Bend was next, approaching one-and-one-half inches of rain.

A return to storms is expected in this weekend ahead of another cold front. Heavy rains, some severe weather, and flooding will be possible Saturday and Sunday for the area.


7:40 p.m.

We're getting a better idea of the local-storm impact, including looks at some damage and confirmation on an apparent water rescue south of Kellogg and along 159th Street East, along the Sedgwick/Butler County line.

With the water rescue, we're told a Wichita police officer's vehicle became surrounded by water. The water on 159th prompted the officer to call for assistance. Fire crews managed to get the officer away from the flooded road and back toward Kellogg. That officer was never in danger, police say.

In Andover, there are reports of street flooding. Flooding is also to blame for canceled basketball games Tuesday night at the Andover YMCA at 1115 E. US-54 (Kellogg).

Further east, there are wind-damage reports along a two-mile stretch on Highway 100, east of Augusta. This is an old highway that runs parallel to U.S. 100.


7 p.m.

The severe thunderstorm warning ends for Sedgwick and Butler counties, but the threat for more area flooding continues. With skies cleared, at least for now, Eyewitness News is checking for potential damage in the area. Among impacted areas

Meanwhile, powerful winds are a primary threat with a storm making its way through Cowley County. As of about 6:50 p.m., the east-moving storm was heading toward Dexter.


6:36 p.m.

Eyewitness News has learned the driver of one of two semis that tipped over on Kellogg (US-54) just outside of Augusta, is not injured. The Butler County Sheriff's Office says the driver pulled over to wait out the torrential rain, but a 60 to 70-mph wind gust was strong enough to tip the large truck onto its side.

Meanwhile, an area of heavy rainfall continues to impact much of south central Kansas, but at least for now, there's calm beginning to set in for Wichita and surrounding communities. The first round of these heavy-rainfall, strong-wind-producing storms are pushing east out of Butler County and into Elk County.


6:09 p.m.

As Wichita catches at least a momentary break from torrential rain, Kellogg has cleared enough for crews to reopen the westbound lanes of the highway at Woodlawn.


6:05 p.m.

East of Wichita, Andover and Augusta in western Butler County are seeing the impact of torrential rain with flooded roads and stalled vehicles.

In Andover, the city says all of Andover Road is flooded. In Wichita, westbound lanes of Kellogg remain closed at Woodlawn due to flooding.


5:30 p.m.

With strong rain continuing to fall, Westbound lanes of Kellogg at Woodlawn is CLOSED due to flooding. The hail threat diminishes for the Wichita area as the primary threat shifts from large hail to flooding.

A flash flood warning is in effect for the area at least until 11:15 p.m.


5:10 p.m.

The hail threat diminishes in the Wichita area, but heavy rain continues to fall in several areas. There are also strong winds, including a report of about 60 mph wind near Andover with a storm moving northeast at about 25 mph.

Storms to the west of Wichita near Cheney in Sedgwick County bring another threat of hail, although the stones are not expected to be as large as they were with a previous storm that passed through.

Up the Kansas Turnpike, storms aren't severe, but are dropping heavy rainfall in Greenwood County.


4:23 p.m.

The tornado warning for a portion of Kingman County and Reno County expired, but the severe thunderstorm warning remains in effect with a large-hail and potentially-damaging-wind-producing storm.

Storms impacting part of north Sedgwick County into Harvey County includes reports of up-to-golf-ball-sized hail.


4:08 p.m.

A tornado warning continues for southwest Reno County where a funnel cloud was spotted, but no tornado confirmed. This storm, headed for Pretty Prairie by about 4:30 p.m. also brings a threat with hail and heavy rain.

Severe storms with hail and blinding rainfall in sports continue to impact much of south central Kansas.


3:45 p.m.

A severe thunderstorm warning in effect until 4:30 p.m. for Sedgwick and Butler counties includes up-to-tennis-ball-sized hail reported near 21st Street and Ridge Road in northwest Wichita. This is north of the Dwight D. Eisenhower National Airport where there are similar large-hail reports.

We're experiencing a storm with small hail near the KWCH studio near 37th North and Hillside in northeast Wichita.


3:30 p.m.

A TORNADO WARNING is in effect for a portion of Kingman County and Reno County until 4:30 p.m. This is for a storm north of Pratt, featuring a rotating wall cloud. A tornado has not been confirmed with this storm.


3:13 p.m.

There is no longer a tornado warning in effect for Pawnee and Edwards counties, but a strong storm near Kinsley continues to pose a threat with large hail and strong wind.


3 p.m.

The storm threats popping up in western and central Kansas include a pair of tornado warnings in effect for Pawnee and Edwards counties until 3:15 p.m. At least one brief tornado was reported with this storm about nine miles northwest of Kinsley. A tornado warning farther east in Dickinson County was allowed to expire.

Several counties, including Sedgwick and neighboring counties in south central Kansas are under tornado watches until 10 p.m. Sedgwick, Harvey, Reno, Pratt and Stafford counties are also under a severe thunderstorm watch until 3:45 p.m.