'A Christmas miracle:' Shawnee woman a match to donate kidney to Wichita man

Published: Dec. 14, 2018 at 11:26 PM CST
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A Shawnee city councilwoman says she's dedicated to serving others. So dedicated, in fact, that she's donating a kidney to a Wichita man.

It started with a Facebook post. Dan Harmon's wife shared information about Dan being on the kidney transplant wait list. In her post, she says, "My amazing husband needs a kidney. I'm not asking for your organ, though that would be awesome if you do have two of them."

Doctors say odds for strangers being the perfect match for a kidney are about 1 in 32,000. Harmon says the help from Shawnee's Stephanie Meyer is a Christmas miracle.

Harmon has polycystic kidney disease. His kidneys function at less than 20 percent. Tuesday, he's getting a new kidney from Meyer.

Meyer was friends with Harmon's wife in high school. When she saw the Facebook post about their situation, she decided to step up if she could.

"I think it just felt right for a lot of reasons," she says. "Katie (Harmon) was like a sister to me in high school and is such a great person. She's a teacher in Wichita and is doing so much to give back to her local community and knew if she was married to someone, he had to be just as great as she was."

Harmon received the good news that Meyer is a match after she went through extensive testing at the University of Kansas Medical Center.