Sheriff says missing children cases are difficult to solve

BUTLER CO, Kan. (KWCH) Police continue to search for missing 5-year-old Lucas Hernandez. Butler County Sheriff Kelly Herzet has experience with missing children investigations and said the cases can be tricky to solve.

"These kind of investigations are very troubling, trying, very labor intensive, and it takes a long time," said Herzet. "It's kind of like you're looking for a needle in a haystack."

Herzet knows because he is still investigating a missing child case in Butler County. Adam Herrman disappeared in 1999, but he wasn't discovered missing for years. Investigators are still looking for Adam.

Planes, drones and hundreds of officers searched parks for more than a week for Lucas.

Herzet said investigators usually do what's called a grid search.

"It takes a lot of people to spread out and walk on a grid, and they walk it and walk it and walk it until they find what they're looking for," said Herzet.

He says Wichita Police are keeping the case alive.

"They want closure as much as anybody," said Herzet. "They want to find Lucas, and I know they're working real hard to do what they can to find him."