Reports: 1 dead in shooting at Corona, Calif. Costco

CORONA, Calif. (AP) Update 9:50 p.m. (local)

Fox LA reports one person was shot and killed inside a Costco store in Corona, Calif. As of late Friday night, it's unclear if that person is a suspect in this case or a store customer.

The Corona, Calif. Police Department tweeted that the shooting incident "has been stabilized," and "there is no apparent threat to our community from any outstanding persons."

Police had yet to confirm the number of injuries from the shooting report and chaos that followed.


Witnesses say a shooting at a Costco store southeast of Los Angeles sparked a stampede and left several people injured.

Police swarmed the Costco Friday night and several ambulances were also parked outside the store in the city of Corona, about 50 miles (80.5 kilometers) east of downtown Los Angeles.

Witnesses told KCAL-TV that a man with a Mohawk haircut was arguing with a woman with a child inside the store when about eight shots rang out.

One witness says shoppers began stampeding toward exits and he saw three people on stretchers who appeared to have minor injuries.

It's unclear whether any of the injured were shot.

KCAL-TV reported more than 100 people were outside the store. Video also showed a police officer with a gun at the ready checking parked cars.

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