Shutdown affecting some home buyers and employers

Published: Jan. 2, 2019 at 5:52 PM CST
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In Kansas, the partial shutdown is hitting close to home for people looking to buy homes as well as affecting the hiring practices of some employers.

While it is business as usual for most employers and realty transactions, there are some instances where the government shutdown is causing unwanted issues. For instance, anyone hoping to buy a home using a U.S. Department of Agriculture rural development loan has to put there dreams on hold, according to Wichita realtor Stephanie McCurdy.

"For us right now, rural development loans with the U.S. Department of Agriculture cannot be guaranteed," McCurdy said. "So that means if you have a current property in process to close, those will not be able to close until the government shutdown is over."

McCurdy went on to say that issue doesn't completely dash the hopes for prospective home buyers, but it does complicate matters.

"Since the loan can't close, there will be no funding, so the buyer can't move into their property," she said.

Also complicated is the potential employment for some job seekers whose potential employers use the Web based system E-Verify to check a job candidate's eligibility to work in the United States. That system has been shutdown due to a lapse in federal funding. Luckily, according to Elite Staffing Solutions owner Chris Rickerson, while E-Verify is used by thousands of employers - it isn't used by all of them...and that's good news for anyone looking for a job.

"We're able to perform just about any level of background checks without any recourse," he said. "When somebody walks in, I say, 'You wanna get to work? Be here at five in the morning.'"