Similarities in Lucas Hernandez search drawn to prior case

Published: Mar. 5, 2018 at 6:10 PM CST
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Monday, March 5 marks Day 16 in the search for missing five-year-old Lucas Hernandez.

Wichita Police say they are still getting tips to try to find the boy. They're also getting help from the group Texas Equusearch.

The Texas EquuSearch founder, Tim Miller, says he can't say where they are searching because of the Wichita Police investigation.

He says after searching for hundreds of people over the years, this case reminds him of Caylee Anthony in Florida.

"After we went to Caylee's funeral I said I never want to do one of these cases again, and right now it appears as though we are here,” says Miller.

Miller looked for Caylee Anthony in Florida; the two-year-old's body was found months later.

Her mother, Casey Anthony, was charged with murder, but acquitted.

"This feels way too familiar and unfortunately I think there's one person who knows, and they just aren't saying anything. So everyone is working as hard as they can,” says Miller.

Miller says they don't have a time frame for their search, and they'll stay until they aren't needed.

"A case like this, we are extremely concerned, we want to find the child, we want to do everything in our possible power to locate any missing child," says Lt. Travis Rakestraw, supervisor for the Exploited and Missing Child Unit.

Lt. Rakestraw is unable to release new information, but says they have many resources committed.

"Oh absolutely, as you've seen on the searches we've done, we've had lots and lots of assistance, lots of help and it's very taxing,” says Rakestraw.

Lucas' stepmother, Emily Glass, has been charged with child endangerment for a different child.

Another case involving Lucas is still ongoing as the search for the boy continues.

"We don't sugarcoat anything, if Lucas is found he certainly is not going to be found the way we want him to be found, and I think the most we can hope for right now is to one day very soon go to a funeral," says Miller.

The Texas EquuSearch founder says weather did hamper some of their efforts Monday. The strong wind was an obstacle that kept their drone grounded. However, they did search and were mapping areas of interest.